Skate Newberg (any day)

I like to skateboard at the Newberg skatepark. Here's a photo taken at the park early one morning, plus a skateboard design for a guy hand-screening "Newberg Anyday" boards. He was doing skull designs that looked like bad high-school tattoo drawings, so I did this for him. He never used it. (And yes, I know anyday isn't a word, that's why I split it in my design.)

I ride a Cold War skateboard, made right here in Oregon. You can visit my favorite skate website (also with Oregon connections) here.

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Kilwag said...

Nice graphic, can't believe he didn't use those. I was following a link and read the title "Newberg Anyday" and thought "Oh no, it's going to be horrible..." then I saw the boards and was was floored, like he suddenly decided to get real... The actual NewberAnyday stuff looks like a turd on a stick.

And thanks for the kind words.