Just Moms cover

I took a different approach to this book cover design for Just Moms, an anthology of essays by moms about raising kids with the ethical values of peace, justice, simplicity, equality and love. I often try to come up with a single simple image to convey the essence of the book, but for this one I went with a more-is-more approach. I added additional words to the cover, and put in many details drawn from the stories themselves (toy guns, cats, bugs, the jack-o-lantern and the boy in pink shoes).

There's a Geez magazine connection to this book: several authors have had pieces in Geez, and one was even a cover model.


Northwest Yearly Meeting sessions image

This is a logo/illustration I did for the annual sessions of the Northwest Yearly Meeting, which has a theme this year of In Christ - One People, Growing Together; it'll appear on posters, etc.