die neue Graphik

Spreads from die neue Graphik (the new graphic art), published in 1959. It has all this great modern graphic design from the 20s - 50s. The top spread shown features the designer Piet Schwarz's personal logo, a P and black square (schwarz means black in German), designed in 1927, while the logo on the right is for Stern Brau (Star Brewery); both smart, simple visual puns.

The bottom spread shows ads for Herman Miller by Herbert Matter; he uses dramatic, abstract-looking photos of the structural forms of Herman Miller's modern chairs.


George Fox website redesign

I worked on the redesign of George Fox University's website, which was pretty white and pretty static before (top image is new, bottom is old). The new site will include more video and more regular updates on the home page. Check it out.

Abandon hope

I went to REI to try (unsuccessfully) to find a wrench to fix my bike. REI is next to Bridgeport Village, the Mall For Rich White People With Good Taste, a pretty depressing place. This was the one bit of interesting urban grit in the whole area.

Everything to live for shirt

T shirt design I did for Twin Rocks Friends camp.

Genesis orientation

A new look I designed for Genesis, George Fox University's orientation event for new students.


Geez 12 divider spreads

I did divider spreads in Geez 12 with stencilled headlines, so I got out the spray paint and stencils and made a mess. The latter section of the magazine had a little flip book animation (visible in the corner of the last spread); I tried to upload an animated gif of it here, but it just came up as a static image. If anyone knows why it won't show up in animated form, let me know...

Geez 12: the activism issue

For Geez 12, the "what-is-commonly-referred-to-as Activism" issue, we started the first story right on the cover, and had the cover image wrap around onto the first spread.