Saturday sketchbook: love is...

Differing opinions on love; I did this a decade ago. Can you tell which one is me? Click to enlarge.

Fall George Fox Journal

I used a 16th century painting by Cranach the Elder (original shown below) as a starting point for this Journal cover. After some informal focus group testing on some older alumni at my dad's retirement home, it was deemed necessary to add some foliage to the original first couple's attire.

This turned out to be way harder and more time-consuming than I expected, and it turned out just okay. It took a little acrylic painting and a lot of digital retouching. Credit for the concept goes to my coworker Tamara.


George Fox undergraduate admissions suite

The top piece is a little self-mailer to introduce high school juniors to George Fox University. It's the final piece in a suite of print materials I've designed for undergraduate admissions. The rest of the pieces are shown below: a folder, several brochures, and these cards, which have been a big hit with high schoolers.


Aerial photos

These are some aerial photos I took at the Oregon coast of some interesting land formations. They are shot from a height of about 5 feet; they are actually just shots of beach sand scupted by water and the wanderings of small crustaceans. Click to enlarge.


George Fox parents and financial aid brochures

A couple of small brochures for George Fox University. The layout of these is a bit calmer than the viewbook, which is for high school kids.