Geez 15 section dividers

For the start of each new section in Geez 15, I created some custom lettering by scanning a plastic lettering template (visible in the middle picture).

Geez 15, the slippery issue

The cover of Geez 15 was guest-designed by The Goggles, a duo who have done many projects, including I Live Here, a book project with Mia Kirshner and J.B. Mackinnon. Check out a preview of Geez 15 here.

The Goggles also contributed this image, Facebook #14, to Geez 14.


George Fox cards

This is a cool pack of cards I designed for George Fox University; the cards are diecut and bound by a printed silicone band that can also be a bracelet. It's given out to high school students at college fairs and other events, and introduces them to the university. Writing credits go to Mike Richeson, with brainstorming assistance from the whole marketing communications department at George Fox.


Tigard Community Friends

This is a logo I recently designed for Tigard Community Friends Church. The woven tree represents several things (their theme of "belonging, believing, becoming," the Trinity, etc.). Trees have been used in lots of church logos, so I was excited to come up with an interesting twist on that tired theme. The original sketch looked a bit too much like a tribal tatoo, so I redrew it to be more angular and I think it works better.