Tin full o’ stamps

My dad collected stamps as a kid, and would tie up extras in little bundles with thread. I have this old tin full of the bundled stamps.

Rest, peace

Personal Work. Watercolor and ink on scratchboard. Click to enlarge.


Saturday sketchbook: mid-century modern

Another drawing from my sketchbook. Click to enlarge.

No Parking in Winnipeg

A photo I took while biking around back alleys in downtown Winnipeg, seeking out urban grit.

BlindSpot logo

Logo I created with ink and typewriter on scratchboard.


Monster illustrations

I illustrated a series of classic monsters for Geez 8; here are two of them. Other monsters in the series were the bogeyman and werewolf.

Saturday sketchbook: Elvis stamp

“The king upon his throne.” I stuck an Elvis postage stamp in my sketchbook and drew on and around it to tastefully commemorate his place of death.

This 1993 stamp is the most collected of all time, according to the U.S. postal service, with over 100 million saved.


Geez issue 7

Geez issue 7 is the monster issue. The wraparound cover painting is by
Mark Bryan, who does smart, satirical art.

Below is a spread from the magazine featuring an underwater photo of me in Lost Lake, in case you were wondering what I look like. My friend Caitlin Keyzer took the picture.

Ugly Feelings poster

A poster I illustrated and designed for Ugly Feelings, a "fun evening of ideas, anecdotes, film and music that explore ugly feelings".

The name of the event came from this book.


Diary boxes

These are closeups of a couple of boxes containing diaries written by my grandmother in the early 1900s. The diaries are interesting snapshots of life almost 100 years ago. And the boxes that contain them, while not that old, have their own worn beauty.


Saturday sketchbook: sob story

A drawing from my sketchbook. Click to enlarge.


Let’s go for a bike ride

These photos appeared in Geez 6. Concept: Aiden Enns; model and photo assistance: Tamara Vaags; photography and some art direction: me.

This reminds me of Bill Bryson writing about people who would drive a mile or two to the gym to walk a couple miles on the treadmill.


Geez issue 6

Geez 6, the Awe and Wonder issue. Cover photo of a rooster by João Estêvão A. de Freitas.

I added a bit of gritty sparkly wonder (middle) to some of the headlines scattered throughout this issue.

Geez 6 also featured this piece (bottom) by Eduardo Recife, artist, illustrator and type designer extraordinaire.

Window pain

Photo I took near the Pearl District in Portland.


Living Stone Outreach

A logo I designed for Living Stone Outreach, a nonprofit group to assist people in meeting their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and education. The initial logo (bottom) was developed because Living Stone is currently focused in Africa, but due to plans to expand beyond that continent, the less geographically-specific solution (top) was created.


Baseball II

I drew on another old baseball. Not sure which one is more successful. I did each panel with a different, more detailed pattern on this one.


Geez spines

We put a short quote on the spine of each Geez magazine, just a little bonus for anyone paying attention. And I add some color so they look nice all together on the shelf. My favorite spine line so far is “maybe there is something more important than being right” from the evangelical issue.

The unsuspecting nihilist

Illustrations I did for Books and Culture magazine for an article entitled Nietzsche was Right, about our disappearing moral foundations. Full image above, detail middle, secondary spot illustration for the same article bottom.


Blind zippers

Photo of a wall in Portland with tattered, weathered music and art posters. I used to walk by this wall every day, so I'd keep my eye on it for interesting images that would emerge from the chance combination of worn wood and torn paper.


Peace poster

Peace poster I designed for a Quaker youth retreat: how can we live our everyday lives in a spirit of nonviolence?


Living Room Theaters

Logo and grand opening invitation for Living Room Theaters in Portland, a high-end theater where you can watch foreign and independent films while enjoying a glass of wine and some tapas. I designed this while at
Staccato Design.


Quaker Skate

A goofy shirt I designed for my friends and me; we all attend North Valley Friends, a local Quaker church, and all skateboard, at least occasionally.