George Fox honors program logo

Another logo design for George Fox, for the new William Penn Honors Program (top). We wanted to do a crest referencing William Penn's family coat-of-arms (a couple of variants, middle). I decided to use a book as the holding shape, instead of a shield, since Penn was a peaceful non-arms-bearing Quaker and the honors program is a "great books" program (see book list). I retained the distinctive three circles on the Penn family crest, and designed a handful of icons as options to consider for the crest (bottom). We settled on using a crest-styled Bruin head, crown and field of crosses.


George Fox Bruins logo redesign

When I started working on some new projects featuring the George Fox University Bruins logo, I noticed its weaknesses: the right half is fairly realistic, while the left side is extremely stylized; the thin gold outline was too dark, making the face blunted and indistinct. So I got to redesign it, keeping the general form similar overall so that uniforms and other items with the old logo could continue to be used.

I made the logo more stylized overall, as well as more angular and aggressive. A lighter gold color and thicker outline doesn't obscure the bear's features.

One of the first applications I designed using the new Bruin logo is this team bus, a rolling billboard for George Fox athletics. (Click to enlarge.)