Geez civil disobedience essay contest

Poster/ad/image for Geez magazine's civil disobedience essay contest. Anyone can enter, but college and high school students are especially encouraged to write. Thanks to Laura for being my civilly disobedient model.


Invisible t-shirt design

At Twin Rocks Tween camp this year the campers were going to tie-dye their t-shirts. So I did a design to make it a little more fun: we printed white on a white shirt. It wasn't quite invisible before dying, but close. The ink resists the dye, so the design shows up after the shirt is dyed. Pretty cool, huh?

A few camper's shirts shown below.


Making of Geez video

Making Geez #18 from Playing In Traffic on Vimeo.

Winnipeg filmmaker Kevin Nikkel directed and produced this short documentary about the making of Geez 18, the body issue.