De-motorize your soul

This is a poster I did for the De-motorize Your Soul campaign.

From the website: It's time for the spiritual transition to a post-oil era.

The internal combustion engine is suffocating our souls as it suffocates the planet. So give your soul a break from the gas-powered frenzy. Relax a bit, and join the spirited slow-down.

The De-Motorize Your Soul campaign is a guilt-free experiment in untangling the human body, mind and soul from the oil apparatus. It is a gathering point for your wishes, apprehensions and actions.

After eight years of car commuting, I got a job a few minutes' bike ride from my house; I am now de-motorized for all of my everyday life, and I love it.

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bryan said...

I have this on my door at work - as a reminder. I like it.