Rock out with your broom out

I did a photoshoot with my coworker Janelle Townsend for an upcoming issue of Geez magazine; these are some test shots of me done while waiting for our model to show up. Cool lighting to capture the movement and energy.


Pizzicato gourmet pizza identity

Identity I designed for Pizzicato Pizza while at Staccato Design. The identity, which was applied to stationery, menus and gift certificates and cards, is illustration-based to work with the poster series we did.


Saturday sketchbook: Ricotta Marilyn

An oldie but weirdie drawn around a Marilyn Monroe postage stamp. Original stamp art by Michael Deas, who also painted Columbia Pictures' torch-bearing lady. Click to enlarge.


Brainy treats

Kind of goofy, kind of fun photo-illustration for Geez magazine, featuring my dad. Click to enlarge and read the details.


Faculty art exhibit poster

This is a poster (and postcard) for an exhibit at George Fox University of the work of the art faculty of Willamette University. Confused yet? The artwork shown is a sculpture by Andries Fourie, and it was just begging for a head made out of a headline, so I obliged.


Madonna and George

The true "reason for the season"? Illustration I did in pen and ink, watercolor and collage. The materials for this image cost me one dollar.


Geez rocks

I'll be working on Geez magazine (the music issue) for the next 10 days, so I won't be posting for a while. It should be a fun issue.

This is a drawing I did; it won't be in the magazine, but it rocks, man.


Consumer or consumed?

I originally did this illustration in black and white for a magazine in Indianapolis, then later colored it for another client.

Pizzicato posters II

The second poster series I designed and illustrated for Pizzicato while working at Staccato Design, with copywriting by Tim Cobb. These posters featured new menu items at Pizzicato.


Saturday sketchbook: stamp accident

Another drawing done around postage stamps, starring Mary Lyon (a pioneer in women's education in the 1800s) and two Margaret Mitchells (author of Gone with the Wind). Tapping into an adolescent enjoyment of kind of gross stuff. Click to enlarge.


Geez blog

Geez magazine now has a blog: check it out.

Geez issue 9

Geez 9 is the art issue, with cover art by Dominika Dratwa.

The spread shown is an illustration I did of a agricultural worker (click to enlarge).

Antler house

I photographed this house a few years ago between Tillamook and Oceanside near the Oregon coast. It was leaning a bit then, and is no longer standing.