Logos in limbo

This is an unused logo design for Bruin Gold, an organization that supports athletic excellence at George Fox University (home of the Bruins). I especially like how the cut gold type turned out.

And this is a logo for a software company that I don't believe they ever used. It was an attempt to do a very abstracted pine tree that didn't just look like a triangle or a Christmas tree; I felt like it was a pretty original solution.

Emigre magazine remembered

I recently shared my collection of old Emigre magazines with some design students. Emigre was quite influential to me in the late 1980s and 90s. It was an early proponent of using the Macintosh as a design tool and pioneered digital typeface design, as well as showcasing experimental design. Later it published ideas about the ethical issues in design, including this article that affected my career. The entire collection of their magazines are in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

Miriam's Garden Coaching card

I hand-lettered this business card design for Miriam Bock's garden coaching and design business. It's printed on a nice iridescent paper.