Geez 24, the privilege issue

The latest issue of Geez is out; it deals with the problems of privilege people like me (white, male, ablebodied, hetero, North American) deal with. Lots of good stuff. My wife Laura took the photo of me (bottom) that appears in this issue.


Logos in limbo

This is an unused logo design for Bruin Gold, an organization that supports athletic excellence at George Fox University (home of the Bruins). I especially like how the cut gold type turned out.

And this is a logo for a software company that I don't believe they ever used. It was an attempt to do a very abstracted pine tree that didn't just look like a triangle or a Christmas tree; I felt like it was a pretty original solution.

Emigre magazine remembered

I recently shared my collection of old Emigre magazines with some design students. Emigre was quite influential to me in the late 1980s and 90s. It was an early proponent of using the Macintosh as a design tool and pioneered digital typeface design, as well as showcasing experimental design. Later it published ideas about the ethical issues in design, including this article that affected my career. The entire collection of their magazines are in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

Miriam's Garden Coaching card

I hand-lettered this business card design for Miriam Bock's garden coaching and design business. It's printed on a nice iridescent paper.


A couple of food posters for George Fox

Here's a poster I designed for George Fox University's third annual Food Meet. Kind of an obvious treatment of the title, but oh, well. The toy truck has been the primary image on previous posters, so we retained it for this one as well. The Food Meet was fun and inspirational, by the way.

This is a poster for an upcoming faculty lecture at George Fox about the social implications of the local food movement. Should be good.


Geez 23, the Sacred Space issue

The latest Geez magazine is about sacred space. The second spread shown highlights a bunch of cool things different churches are doing with their space (click to enlarge). The bottom image is a fun pseudo magazine cover featured in this issue which was written by associate editor Bre and designed by me.


Fundraising campaigns

Some promotional materials I've been working on for a couple of capital campaigns at George Fox University. The first is for our new physical therapy program that'll begin next year.

The second is for the football program, which is slated to begin in 2013. George Fox has had a football team for the majority of its 115 year history, but we haven't had a football program for over 40 years (which is why the bookstore sells "GFU Football - Undefeated since 1969" t-shirts).

In the Making welcome weekend at George Fox

A hand-drawn logo and invitation for the welcome weekend for incoming freshmen at George Fox. Click images to enlarge.


How Long? book cover

Cover design for Barclay Press's book How Long?, a sequel of sorts to It's a Dance, which I designed a few years ago. This book again is primarily made up of conversations, this time dealing with a Christian community going through its own theological wilderness.


Small possessions

Sixteen small objects I own that carry some degree of sentimental value to me. Details here.


Geez 22, the contemplation issue

This is the first cover of Geez that I have illustrated; hard to believe, since I've done plenty of artwork for the inside pages over the years. Anyway, I really like how this turned out. Click any image to enlarge.

I did a whole bunch of little line art spot illustrations for the inside as well, mostly portraits.

I also used a decorative typeface called Restraint, designed by Marian Bantjes; Restraint has lots of beautiful connecting design elements, and is both fun and frustrating to use.


Just Moms cover

I took a different approach to this book cover design for Just Moms, an anthology of essays by moms about raising kids with the ethical values of peace, justice, simplicity, equality and love. I often try to come up with a single simple image to convey the essence of the book, but for this one I went with a more-is-more approach. I added additional words to the cover, and put in many details drawn from the stories themselves (toy guns, cats, bugs, the jack-o-lantern and the boy in pink shoes).

There's a Geez magazine connection to this book: several authors have had pieces in Geez, and one was even a cover model.


Northwest Yearly Meeting sessions image

This is a logo/illustration I did for the annual sessions of the Northwest Yearly Meeting, which has a theme this year of In Christ - One People, Growing Together; it'll appear on posters, etc.


Drawing for Geez

Working on a bunch of line art portraits for the upcoming issue of Geez magazine, the "inner work for outer change" issue.


Getting global with the George Fox Journal

Cover illustration I did for the new George Fox Journal. It's surprising to me that some people don't see the figures in the globe right away.

You can take a look at the whole issue here. (Click on the little magazine in the upper right to page through it.)


Geez 21 - cops and robbers

This issue of Geez magazine deals with the police, security, and surveillance. The cover is a photo of a stencil piece in the UK by the street artist d*base.


Taming of the Shrew

A poster I designed for an upcoming theatrical production at George Fox University. One unfortunate effect of the kittywampus layout is that it appears crooked no matter how it's hung.


Geez 21 postcard

The new issue of Geez magazine will hit the mailboxes soon; it has this postcard in it (click to enlarge), with this text on the back:

We are trees

What if we were more like trees, converting carbon
dioxide and releasing oxygen?

We live in a bite-back, one-up world where anger,
bitterness, resentment, prejudice and violence are
the soul’s carbon dioxide.

We could receive curses, then give blessings.
We could get manipulated, then speak the truth.
We could be spat upon, then respond with grace.
We could be struck, but not strike back.

The thing about trees is that they need to absorb
CO2 in order to live and grow.

We could do the same. We could absorb hate,
discrimination, judgment and harm, and use
forgiveness to demonstrate healing and love.

This would free us from having to avenge our own
injustices and allow us to open our arms, welcoming
those who are often unwelcome and unwanted.

Photosynthesis and forgiveness are miracles of life.
Without them, the world is a hostile place.

– Ryan McCormick


Caution tape headlines in Geez

For the upcoming security/police-themed issue of Geez magazine, I wanted to do some section headlines as though they were on police caution tape. I couldn't figure out how to get that look, then Laura gave me some glossy yellow tape that fit the bill. So I photographed it in various positions and added text to it in Photoshop. It would've looked even better if Geez was printed in color.


George Fox posters

Posters for a couple of upcoming events at George Fox University. I designed the food one, and Karina Salgado designed the Theology of the Wild one based on a sketch I did, and I like how it turned out.