Sojourners illustrations

Cover and interior illustrations for Sojourners magazine, for a special book issue.

Long Thin Road CD

CD design I did for a Tricia Gates Brown album, with a rich, folk/americana sound. You can preview some songs here.


Geez postcards

Miscellaneous postcards designed for Geez magazine. That's my (late) hen Ramona on the "chicken poop for the soul" card.


George Fox Journal

I'm the art director of the Journal, George Fox University's alumni magazine. The current issue has an interesting cover article you can check out here.

Holy ground

Photo series I shot (with the help of Nanci and Madison) that appeared in the first issue of Geez magazine.


Byre Theatre logo

I designed this logo and print identity for the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, Scotland. The Byre started in a byre (cow barn) in the 1930s (thus the cow with theatre mask spots) and is now one of Scotland's premiere theatre facilities.

Food for oil

A photo-illustration for Geez magazine about the issue of biofuels (thanks to Bryan, Emma and Mykel for the kid pics).

From last week's New Statesman: What biofuels do is undeniable: they take food out of the mouths of starving people and divert them to be burned as fuel in the car engines of the world's rich consumers. This is, in the words of the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to food, Jean Ziegler, nothing less than a "crime against humanity".


Spot illustration, never used.

ICEN logo

A logo I did for Peter Illyn at Restoring Eden. ICEN organizer Yat Paol of Papua New Guinea talks about how we westerners have forgotten our environmental "belly buttons," our intimate connection to mother earth.


Metal wall

This is a metal wall installation I did at Miller Brooks in Indiana. The idea for it came from Christine Gentry, an artist and designer in Indianapolis. I treated the raw steel panels with chemicals that rusted or blued the metal.


In These Times

Cover illustration for a CD by Bill Jolliff and Jacob Henry Jolliff. This design was inspired by the look of wood-block print posters by Hatch Show Print in Nashville, which is fitting for the Jolliff's old-time music.


De-motorize your soul

This is a poster I did for the De-motorize Your Soul campaign.

From the website: It's time for the spiritual transition to a post-oil era.

The internal combustion engine is suffocating our souls as it suffocates the planet. So give your soul a break from the gas-powered frenzy. Relax a bit, and join the spirited slow-down.

The De-Motorize Your Soul campaign is a guilt-free experiment in untangling the human body, mind and soul from the oil apparatus. It is a gathering point for your wishes, apprehensions and actions.

After eight years of car commuting, I got a job a few minutes' bike ride from my house; I am now de-motorized for all of my everyday life, and I love it.


Whatever Kindles poster

Whatever Kindles is a play about Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), an organization answering this question: What would happen if Christians devoted the same discipline and self-sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that armies devote to war? The play shows CPT's involvement in war-torn areas around the world. The poster illustrates that CPT brings hope amidst violence and upheaval. Whatever Kindles had its debut at George Fox University this past fall.


Accidental art

I like to take pictures of urban grit, and this may be the most beautiful such photo I've shot. This is in downtown Portland, inside the industrial doors of a garage, and it looks like a Robert Rauschenberg assemblage, but it's just a piece of happenstance art, waiting to be seen.

Geez—the shelter issue

Geez issue three; my least favorite cover design I've done for the magazine, in fact, maybe my least favorite issue overall. Still a good read, though. Check it out here.


Make the logo bigger

I've told many clients who want their logo huge on their business card that a rule of thumb is "the bigger the logo, the smaller the company" to discourage them from putting a big clunky logo on there. Then I go and make the Geez logo as big as I could on their business cards. That's because it was made to look good big on the magazine, it's not really designed to work as a tiny logo.


A scratchboard illustration done as self-promotion back when I was a fulltime illustrator. That lasted for 8 months. I still enjoy doing it, primarily for design work I am doing.


This went through the wash in a pocket. One of those small worn things that looks good enlarged.


Good Neighbors

This is CD packaging for Bill Jolliff and Jacob Henry Jolliff. It's a collection of old-time music, including some fine bluegrass and gospel.


Team Oregon

Team Oregon are the winning Oregonian high school students in the annual International Science and Engineering Fair. While at Staccato Design, I designed this Team OR logo, t-shirt and booklet. The "elements of success" theme drove the periodic table-like design, with the students' initials shown as element abbreviations. Thanks to Eric Kass for the "go for the Au" idea.

Black Boy theatre poster

A poster for George Fox University's production of Black Boy, a one-man play based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Richard Wright. It is the story of Wright growing up black in the American south in the 1930s, dealing with poverty and racism, and finding a way to rise above it through literature.


Hey, batter batter

I drew on an old baseball.


Turd on a stick

All right, this skateboard design is based on a comment from Kilwag from Skate and Annoy. Not that he actually suggested I do a skate design with a turd on a stick, but still, I liked the idea, and I like this Dr. Seuss-like drawing. With art like this, why aren't any skateboard companies banging on my door?


Geez origins

Aiden Enns came up with the idea to do Geez magazine. He drew on his Mennonite faith and his publishing experience, including a stint at Adbusters.

Back in 2004 I worked on prototypes of Geez, as we were deciding what it would look like. These are some initial ideas. We ended up working with the bottom one, although my proposed tagline "kicking corporate ass for Jesus" was wisely rejected.

Skate Newberg (any day)

I like to skateboard at the Newberg skatepark. Here's a photo taken at the park early one morning, plus a skateboard design for a guy hand-screening "Newberg Anyday" boards. He was doing skull designs that looked like bad high-school tattoo drawings, so I did this for him. He never used it. (And yes, I know anyday isn't a word, that's why I split it in my design.)

I ride a Cold War skateboard, made right here in Oregon. You can visit my favorite skate website (also with Oregon connections) here.

Creswell CD

CD packaging for the rock band Creswell.