Geez 14 art contributors

The photographer JR does these amazing installations celebrating women in marginalized, conflict-ridden parts of the world. He reinvests earnings from his art back into the slums.

The artwork of Mark Bryan has been featured many times in Geez. This piece is titled Pie in the sky. From his artist statement: "Given this beautiful planet, our intelligence, talent and opposable thumbs, one would think that things for us would be a lot better than they are. I suppose I've carried a general disappointment in human nature for quite a while that makes itself apparent in most of my work."

This photo by Steve Lambert is featured on the back cover. He does some really interesting work, such as designing and building a video game called Simmer Down Sprinter that measures the player's biofeedback (the more you relax, the faster you go), and a browser plug-in that replaces all the ads on a website with Art. Also check out his anti-advertising agency.


My head is a book and it is on fire.

A t-shirt I designed for Barclay Press commemorating their 50th anniversary.


Urban grit Newberg style part III

The third and final installment of gritty old typography found in Newberg, Oregon.

This sign near the skatepark makes me happy each time I see it.

Wash me. I think these letters are styrofoam.

Many years ago Darby's was a cool old diner on the main street. It's long gone, but this sign in the alley behind it lingers on.

This hand-painted sign is on one of those old quonset huts.

I wish I could tell what was painted on the front of this abandoned bus. Bi-La-Vonne?


I was on the Tonight Show

Okay, not really, but this shirt I originally designed back in 2004 was; Conan O'Brien makes fun of it here at the 7:45 mark.

It's nice to see they are still using the design. Thanks to Eric, who originally came up with the "go for the Au" idea, for spotting this.


Urban grit Newberg style part III

Urban grit Newberg style part II

More grungy old typography found in here in Newberg.

I like how this sign blended in perfectly with the blue sky.

Nowadays no one would get a hand painted wood sign like this, they'd get some vinyl lettering or digital output. This ages better...

Although this plastic sign is pretty cool.

One of my favorites; I used it as a backdrop for this Geez photo.

Yes, we have a functioning drive-in theater in town. I like the "of" and "the" ligatures. (And yes, I'm a design nerd.)


Urban grit Newberg style part I

Inspired by my friend Eric's post of found typography, I rode my bike around Newberg looking for urban grit type. Pretty slim pickings compared to when I drove around Indianapolis with Eric, looking for cool old signs.

I found glory.

Sometimes stuff gets more interesting the less legible it becomes.

What little graffiti there is in Newberg is mostly sloppy tags; this is one of the few stencils I've seen.

Yes, we're open; be back soon!

Most signage in Newberg is boring and plastic. Plastic and vinyl doesn't age as beautifully as wood and paint and metal. This peeling vinyl letter is interesting, though.


Happy 4th of July

This warm-hearted message brought to you by a guy in my neighborhood, who feels this sentiment is important enough to share with anyone driving behind his trailer. I believe this is an excerpt from the text on the statue of liberty, but I could be mistaken.