Saturday sketchbook: seasick

Not my favorite of my drawings, but I do like that the water glass is just a little indent in the table filled with water.


Business tot

Illustration I did in gouache on scratchboard.


CD wall

For the George Fox Marcom office redesign, I created this wall installation of recycled CD-ROMs. My coworkers Janelle and Jeong helped paint the CDs; we tried to achieve a hand-done, painterly effect.

Marcom wall

I recently oversaw the interior redesign of the marketing communications (marcom) office at George Fox University, including this hanging wall, suspended from the ceiling by cables. It creates a private office space and also functions as signage. It's made of frosted acrylic, perforated aluminum and painted birch, layered to create a sense of depth. I designed it and Bryan Boyd and I made it.


Saturday sketchbook: dog fud

Going for that cute Disney look and failing miserably. The dog appears to have three ears.


Tween camp t-shirt design

A t-shirt design I did for a middle school camp on the Oregon coast at Twin Rocks.

Felix and Dad

This is a vintage photo of my dad and a Felix the Cat toy, circa 1927. I enlarged it to 20 inches high and hung it on my wall. I like old photos like this.


Happy Endings

Book cover I illustrated, including all the handlettering. This wasn't done for a real book, it was just a self-promo piece for me.


Saturday sketchbook: Luis and Liberty

A drawing I did around U.S. postage stamps featuring the Statue of Liberty and Luis Muñoz Marín, the first democratically elected governor of Puerto Rico. Click to enlarge.

Geez issue 8 spreads

A couple of the section divider spreads from Geez 8, the food issue. Photos by Karin Kliewer, Tamara Vaags and me.

At bottom is a detail of a spread showing that a handful of massive agri-food companies are responsible for most of the food North Americans eat.


Geez issue 8

Geez 8 is the food issue. My friend and coworker Janelle Townsend assisted me in the photography of this cover, with type made of sprinkles, jello and mustard.

The sprinkle letters were done on acetate so they could be laid on top of the red tablecloth.


Pizzicato catering posters

Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza poster series I designed and illustrated while at Staccato Design. These posters promoted Pizzicato's catering services.


Saturday sketchbook: the last place

The drawings in my sketchbook definitely veer into the weirder side of my brain.