Geez 28, the anarchy issue

Geez 28, the anarchy issue, looks at Christian anarchists and some folks who think the two ideas don't mix well. CPT made the cover. I took several photos of these little model people that were featured throughout, as they break free from their rigid little sticks to achieve autonomy.


Old books

I was taking some photos of old books for the upcoming Geez magazine in the George Fox library, and found some cool old Quaker books. Click to enlarge.


Paradox Lost book cover

A book cover design I did recently; the top design is the chosen one, while the bottom was an alternate version. Click to enlarge and check out the cool 3D typeface for the title.


A couple of t-shirt designs

I designed the top shirt for Tween camp; the client requested an identity card design, and I happily obliged. And the bottom shirt is the one that got made for George Fox University's Welcome Weekend for incoming freshmen.


Geez 27 (the stereotype issue) cover

The cover of the new Geez magazine, the stereotype issue, is shown above (click to enlarge). My original design is shown below; I liked the less literal take on stereotype, with the framework caging the young woman, and the pink paint representing stereotypes that are splattered indiscriminately on people. But we went with the less ambiguous paint-by-number treatment; not sure if I like it more visually, but I think it conveys more about the subject.
I really liked the stock photo of the woman: young, pretty, but not the typical cover girl, with her heavy eyebrows. The editors questioned the use of a stock photo, thought maybe we should use an image where we knew the subject, or at least the photographer. We put the discussion in the magazine:  
We had a heck of a time deciding on an image for the cover. In the end, we chose a stock photo of a young woman whose ethnic identity is ambiguous. We’d like to know more about this woman: what’s her name, where does she live, what are some of her struggles? We could have used a photo our friend Colin Vandenberg took when he was in West Africa a few years ago (see option at left). While the woman depicted would not be anonymous, it felt like we would pick her image simply for the colour of her skin, which seemed too objectifying. 
A third option was to use a photo of a person already depicted in the magazine, Michelle Klippenstein (below right). But how would she like to see a photo of herself on newsstands, cut up with the “paint by number” treatment? We would have to check with with her. But we were running of out time, so we went with the stock image and decided to share our misgivings with you.


A couple of examples of urban grit on Alberta Street in Portland on a sunny day.


DarryLaura merge

This creepy digital face transplant experiment I did with my wife Laura will appear in the upcoming Geez magazine, which has a theme of Stereotypes. Top two images are the transplants, bottom two are how we actually look. Click to enlarge.


High Hopes

I designed this mailer/poster for the upcoming Welcome Weekend orientation for new students at George Fox University. I'm hoping they'll use the design on a t-shirt as well.


The Stones Cry Out

Geez is hosting a conference on spirituality and the activist spirit featuring Reverend Billy in November. Should be fun!


Geez 26, the Leisure issue

The latest issue of Geez magazine is all about leisure. It includes an in-depth story of what's it's like on a Christian cruise, our need to be entertained, and the quiet joys of everyday leisure. I did a few small spot illustrations to scatter around in the issue.


Slide ephemera


I've been sorting through a bunch of old family slides, and enjoyed the look of some of the printed ephemera that accompanied the golden age of slides (1950s-'60s). We miss out on such printed matter in today's digital photography. Click to enlarge.


Spring George Fox Journal

The Spring issue of the George Fox Journal is sports-focused: new football coach for the return of football to Fox, women's basketball near-perfect season, etc. Check out the whole issue here (click on upper right link to flip through it). Cover portrait by Joel Bock.


Laura + color

I played around today with portrait photography with my lovely model Laura and some different colored walls. She wore a sweater that conveniently had every color represented, so she looked good with every background! Click to enlarge.


Carrot person

I did this silly drawing with a carrot laying on top of it for the upcoming Geez magazine.


Dirt and the Good Life

A book cover I recently designed for Barclay Press; it's written by Lisa and Mark McMinn, professors at George Fox University who are also run Fern Creek Farm. I figured out a way to make the word Dirt out of dirt, and am happy with how it turned out.


Geez 25, the utopia issue

The newest issue of Geez has some cool cover art by Eduardo Recife; this is one of my favorite covers, I think. I did some photos and illustrations for this issue, including a few where it looks like the photo has been torn away to reveal the drawing. Click on the spreads for a larger view.


Northwest Yearly Meeting 2012

This is a logotype/illustration I did for the upcoming Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends. The theme this year comes from Hebrews 4 verse 16: "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." I used some ink roller images and hand-drawn lettering for this.


Global Issues poster

A poster I designed for the Global Issue forum held last fall at George Fox University. What a crazy-long title this thing has. I kind of think I did another design years ago that had an image torn in half and taped back together like this, but I'm not sure. I felt like it fit this event, which talks about reconciliation efforts in strife-torn Africa. Click to enlarge.


Luddite Pinterest board

A photo tour of my home office pinboard can be viewed on Facebook here.


God of Antimatter lecture poster

I modified the 1888 Flammarion engraving as the illustration for this poster for George Fox University. Details about the upcoming lecture here. Click for a closer view.


Handmade modular type

These are my new house numbers, made out of 2 inch square scraps of different kinds of wood. I came up with the modular design based on squares and quarter circles.

I used the same modules for these thank you cards, using exacto-carved carrot stamps (kind of like potato prints).


Joel Bock cards win FPO Award

I don't normally enter design contests, but these business cards I designed for for Joel Bock Photography fit well with the FPO Awards, which are judged on both design and print production. The cards are offset printed, then laser diecut.