Design ethics

I gave a talk to George Fox University art and design students on how my path has been shaped by ethical considerations. I handed out these cards with a link to my blog and how to find a couple of essays online that were meaningful milestones for me regarding design ethics.

I also talk about projects at my previous job that I found troubling ethically. This logo was one such project: an identity design for a company that created interactive tv, a way for people to connect with brands in ways that "will create a true relationship between viewer and product and may even encourage them to internalize brands as an element of personal culture and self-expression." In other words, encourage people to watch more tv, buy stuff through their tvs, and ultimately define themselves through the brands they consume. Needless to say, I was thankful to switch jobs shortly thereafter.

Geez wins Utne award

Geez magazine won Utne Reader magazine's 2009 award for Best Spiritual Coverage magazine in their annual independent press awards. You can read their comments here (half way down).


George Fox University viewbook

This is the new George Fox University viewbook for potential undergrad students; I designed it in conjunction with the new undergrad admission website (below). We tried to capture life at George Fox with lots of photos, captions and testimonials. Click to enlarge.

Geez 14: the awkward issue

Geez magazine issue 14, the awkward issue, featuring the winners of the "daringly awkward sermon contest." Check out one of the winning sermons here. The cover photo is from the Square America snapshot archive; it's one of my favorite Geez covers. The magazine is divided into different sections with photos of leaps of faith.


R.I.P. Shaw's

Shaw's is an old restaurant here in Newberg that had this great yet odd lettering on their sign. They recently went out of business, and I went by there to see if I could get this old sign. It turns out the letters were so old they just crumbled off when they were removing them, so there was nothing to salvage. Oh, well, at least I got a picture before it disappeared.