Geez clothing thoughts

I took this picture and wrote a couple paragraphs for the new issue of Geez; Aiden Enns, the publisher, added some meaningful quotes, some thoughts and photos of his own and made a decent spread out of it. My text:

Since I shifted over to bike commuting, I needed a rain jacket for the long wet winters here in Oregon. I got a jacket that has this saying on the zipper that I find inspiring. That feeling of inspiration could turn into a loyalty to this brand of jacket, but I try to separate the message from the product.

It reminds me of a friend who collects meaningful quotes, and has some from Nike ads from the early ’90s. She also separates the message from the brand, and can enjoy the statements for what they are. As she says, “They hired some savvy writers, tapped into some empowering-women motifs. Though I don’t celebrate empowering women to consume and compete more, I can celebrate empowering women to enjoy their strong bodies and being active and alive.”


Details from an old amplifier box in my garage. I find the icons intriguing; any guesses as to what they mean? Not what they really mean, what they could mean. My thoughts:
Left: box may be safely levitated
Center: suitable for Oregon weather
Right: good for use in castles


New Geez illustrations

A couple of drawings I did for the newest issue of Geez magazine. The top one is for this article about the overmerchandising of the Bible by Zondervan, part of Rupert Murdoch's media empire. Yes, all those Bible titles are actual ones published by Zondervan.

The second one is a BS detector, an invention of Geez publisher Aiden Enns.

George Fox University invitation

This is a special invitation to visit campus sent to selected high school students. I designed it to stand out in the mail: it is printed on a cool iridescent paper which looks great in person.