Geez stamps

I design a stamp for each issue of Geez magazine's letters page. Sometimes I use an actual stamp as a starting point, others are created from scratch. Most have some tie-in to the theme of the issue.


Instant nostalgia

Ahhh, looking at these old Polaroids take me back; those were the days when I was young and happy... Actually, these were taken a couple days ago. My girlfriend Laura had a Polaroid camera squirreled away, and it still had some film in it. The first shot didn't develop the top half of the image, so we tried to get in the bottom of the frame, and the whole picture (more or less) appeared. It's funny how the faded colors and poor chemicals give these an instant patina of age.


George Fox Journal

I just finished designing the latest issue of the George Fox Journal; it features the George Fox women’s basketball team. They had a perfect season, going all the way to win the NCAA (division III) national title. What makes the story really special is that all the starters graduated last year and they had ten freshmen on the team. This photo captures the intensity of feeling after the final game.