Envelope doodle

Envelope I doodled on while on the phone.

Always the best

Photo I took in Winnipeg, Manitoba on a beautiful day downtown.


Saturday sketchbook: Zucchini man

Great art comes unacknowledged and unwanted. And so does stuff like this. Click to enlarge.


Pizzicato catering ID

The first job I did for Pizzicato Pizza while working for Staccato Design was this identity for their catering services; I worked on it with fellow designer Christopher Douglas. It went with these posters, which featured the tuxedoed catering man somewhere on each poster.

University Players poster

Poster I designed for the University Players, a George Fox University acting group that tours the Northwest putting on shows.


Word of faith

Photo for Geez magazine. Concept and art direction by me, with the photo taken by Janelle Townsend. Click to enlarge.

Stand Alone book cover

The most patriotic-looking book cover design I ever hope to do. Mark Hatfield was a rare critter in the American political scene: both evangelical and progressive. Book cover design for Barclay Press.


Corey Beals has an exhibit of his photography opening this Thursday (Sept.11) at the Lindgren Gallery at George Fox University. Corey half buried me in his front yard to take some photos for the exhibit, including this one.

Update: I went to the show this evening; nice reflections on our connection to the soil, with some good (verbal) thoughts displayed alongside the pictures.


Geez issue 10

Cover photo I shot (with the help of Bryan Boyd) for Geez magazine, the "sermons you'd never hear in church" issue. This is probably my favorite piece in this issue.

Saturday sketchbook: vegetarian

A nuanced commentary on eating meat. (Click to enlarge.)