Urban grit Newberg style part II

More grungy old typography found in here in Newberg.

I like how this sign blended in perfectly with the blue sky.

Nowadays no one would get a hand painted wood sign like this, they'd get some vinyl lettering or digital output. This ages better...

Although this plastic sign is pretty cool.

One of my favorites; I used it as a backdrop for this Geez photo.

Yes, we have a functioning drive-in theater in town. I like the "of" and "the" ligatures. (And yes, I'm a design nerd.)


Anonymous said...

The muffler one is funny because I can't tell if it's old, so the paint is fading weird, or if it's newer and the paint was applied unevenly. Still it's weird enough to catch a photographer's eye. Especially because of the colour, as you note. -A. - Winnipeg

Michael said...

I've always liked the "Pantera" sign located on Main Street between 1st St. and Hancock. It's pretty hidden, but you should check it out.