Geez 14 art contributors

The photographer JR does these amazing installations celebrating women in marginalized, conflict-ridden parts of the world. He reinvests earnings from his art back into the slums.

The artwork of Mark Bryan has been featured many times in Geez. This piece is titled Pie in the sky. From his artist statement: "Given this beautiful planet, our intelligence, talent and opposable thumbs, one would think that things for us would be a lot better than they are. I suppose I've carried a general disappointment in human nature for quite a while that makes itself apparent in most of my work."

This photo by Steve Lambert is featured on the back cover. He does some really interesting work, such as designing and building a video game called Simmer Down Sprinter that measures the player's biofeedback (the more you relax, the faster you go), and a browser plug-in that replaces all the ads on a website with Art. Also check out his anti-advertising agency.

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