Carrots are people, too

For the Geez food issue, we discussed including a photo of carrots, but decided against it. Recently I was washing up some carrots from the community garden and decided to go ahead and take a picture of them. They have a lot more personality than the uniform carrots at the grocery store.


Kai Schraml said...


It has been a long time since we chatted when I was helping Peter with Restoring Eden! I have a need which made me think of you. Are you doing any freelance work at the moment?

My friend starting consulting company working with children with autism and their circumstances at home, school, etc...can you send me your email address so we can talk about it? If you are not interested, would you be kind enough to hook me up with another designer? Many Thanks, and I hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of this photo -- oh, I like the carrots too. If I was helping direct this shot, I'd experiment with a tighter composition and play with the arrangement. Somehow they feel lonely, shadowy, regimented, sad, factoryish or deviant (I guess because the "carrot" image is so deeply rooted). I'm sure that that's intentional. Or maybe this is just my mood tonight. I would likely avoid the full-on (and rather obvious) anthropomorphisms with the "legs" carrot or the "baby-hugs-mommy" carrot. But there's flair (e.g., middle right, top is doing a jig!), and enough bending going on to suggest a dance but also imply resistance to the commodity system, which is attractive. Maybe the dour tone is appropriate. - ASE