Imago Dei Ministries logo

A logo I designed for Imago Dei Ministries.

Rather than me explain the rationale behind this design,here's quote from the client about it:

"We love the sense of movement, transformation, hope, life, energy ... and the paradoxical element of being able to see it as going either direction - in one sense it moves from the tight spiral out into something new/alive, in another sense it can be seen as "parts" (of a person, a community, etc.) coming together and finding united focus/meaning in the center of the spiral. ... It leaves room for people to bring their own experience to it (see it as a tree/blossom, water, fire, or something else entirely - I can even see "dancers" in the leaves/flames), which is awesome. It is simple and bold, yet with lots of interesting details. It feels like "us," for sure."

Imago Dei also published Paradox Lost, for which I designed the cover.

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