Geez 22, the contemplation issue

This is the first cover of Geez that I have illustrated; hard to believe, since I've done plenty of artwork for the inside pages over the years. Anyway, I really like how this turned out. Click any image to enlarge.

I did a whole bunch of little line art spot illustrations for the inside as well, mostly portraits.

I also used a decorative typeface called Restraint, designed by Marian Bantjes; Restraint has lots of beautiful connecting design elements, and is both fun and frustrating to use.


Laura Dunn, LPN, IBCLC said...

I love it!

Gooneybush Girl said...

The images of Laura meditating are so spot on that I first thought that they had been digitally converted from a photograph. You conveyed more than what she looks like...you got personality and attitude in that drawing as well. I'm amazed and I love looking at it =)