Geez 13 art contributors

Geez 13 featured this piece by David Adey, an artist in San Diego. He uses scrapbook punches to systematically take apart photos of fashion models. He then sticks the pieces onto foam boards with pins, slightly raised from the surface so as to cast a soft shadow. I'd love to see his work in person.

David Firman takes experimental photos while walking, with camera held at arm's length. The images are merged into long montages that capture the feeling and motion of his walks. Several images were included in Geez 13.

My friend Eric Kass in Indianapolis created this piece specifically for this issue. He writes, "my truth experiment is about love and when you feel it transferring from one to another even when you may not want it to. It's a difficult position to be in but one many of us face."

Dylan Royal did not have work in Geez 13, but he has done a couple of personal projects based on past Geez articles, including this blind embossed/debossed piece.


KillerMosquito said...

I would recognize that massive forehead anywhere! How are you doing?...JD

Darryl Brown said...

Hey, Killer mosquito! Email me: darryl(at)geezmagazine.org and I'll write you back; it would be good to get caught up.