Spiritual disciplines

For this interview with Richard Foster (author of Celebration of Discipline) in the George Fox Journal, I illustrated each of the twelve disciplines. Some turned out better than others.


Carrie said...

Hej Darryl, I fell over your illustrations while researching Foster - great stuff! Do you loan out or sell your illustrations? I'm doing layout for a mag. that is featuring articles on Spiritual Disciplines this month... - Carrie

Darryl Brown said...

Hi Carrie, yes, I sell usage rights to illustrations. Please contact me at darrylsbrown (at) verizon (dot) net


Nathaniel said...

I really enjoy your images you created for the disciplines, could you contact me at nsmith@vcs.net to discuss the possibility of using these images.

Nikolas said...

Hello Darryl,

Just came across these illustrations as I was looking up Celebration of Discipline for a blog post I'm writing--they're great! I'd like to link to this post of yours, if you don't mind.