Happy Endings

Book cover I illustrated, including all the handlettering. This wasn't done for a real book, it was just a self-promo piece for me.


Michael said...

I'm glad I came across your blog, I love the work you do.

You did a couple of designs for us (Tween Camp) and I always enjoyed them. Glad to hear you're putting your gifts to work at GFU.


Pam Hogeweide said...

i could write this book. i've had a story concept in my head for a long time. i love apocalyptic stories, like The Road. What would happen, I wonder, if the end of the world came, but Jesus did not? How would faith be affected? What would that crisis look like? Would their be an epidemic of rejecting faith in God as happened for many who endured the holocaust? how would Left-behind-bible-believing-jesus-is-coming-to-get-me christ followers respond to a worldwide cataclysmic event with no second coming in sight?

your cover would be perfect.

i'll let you know when i've written it. one of these days, one of these days...